Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Heading north and getting the creeps.

Customer1: "See that, she almost bought it. Not quick enough across the street."
Shopkeeper: "Big accident last week, one guy dead".
C1: "Teen died last year a little south on 11".
S: "See on Hwy 17, two died".
C2: "Tourist time brings out the worst".
S: "Yes, many accidents. They try to drive 3 in 2 lanes. Very stupid".
C3: "Sir you have an emergency out here!"

This conversation is real but the names were changed. In the sad reality of northern Ontario people relate to one another but who they know has killed in an auto collision or the details of an auto accident. Something you do not hear about in Toronto but we have similar discussions, usually centred around cancer. Whether you meet family or friends in northern Ontario the conversation will soon come auto death. Very creepy.

The emegency in this conversation was a gas pump losing its connection and spewing its gas all over the place. I started to say farewell to the our car when some chap rushed in and capped the gas pump, he got covered in gas. He risked his life to save a few cars and jet skiis. This did not stop any customers from driving into the puddles of gas demanding gas for their cars. Had they driven fast enough to spray some of that gas it would have incinerated their cars.

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