Monday, January 08, 2007

Cyclist goes flying.

A clip from the American show "COPS". While the cop was making an arrest the accident happened in the background, it is pretty sickening crash. The entire clip is pretty sad. The cop immediately destroyed the scene by moving the car and his concern for the driver was hard to swallow. Did not seem like much of an investigation but maybe that happened in the background. No word if the cyclist survived or not.

Thanks Vic for the updated link.


Anonymous said...

Here's a slightly longer version (22 seconds...the one you posted was only 7 seconds).

Is there another version that shows the cop destroying the scene etc.?

Anywhere that has a police car pulled over is a bad place to be on a bike. Motorists are watching the pretty flashing lights and rubbernecking the scene rather than watching the road.

Darren said...

Right were the clip ends the cop immediately moves the car off to the side. He later is seen consoling the driver and helping her set up an excuse for hitting the cyclist. The excuses from the people in the car was that both they and the cyclist were watching the police activity.

Tim said...

Chilling video. But I have to disagree with your take on it, Darren.

I watched the full seven-minute version ( and listened carefully to the officer's interview with the driver. I didn't see him consoling her or helping set up an excuse -- he was only asking questions to determine what she saw and what she was doing, then repeated her statements aloud. And he did that after staying with the cyclist to make sure he was breathing and not trying to move before the ambulance arrived.

Overall, I think the officer seemed to be doing his job objectively.

I just hope the cyclist survived. It's hard to believe he was conscious and moving after that impact.

Da' Square Wheelman, said...

Yah %( Sickening is right. But worse are the comments over at YouTube that range from euphoric joy to complete indifference over the biker's fate ...

Darren said...

Why would you let anyone, including someone who may be in shock from almost killing someone, move a car seconds after an accident?

Anonymous said...

here is the full 6 minute video

The people who comented on the videos have obviously never ridden a bike on city streets.