Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Getting ready for CMWC 2008


Anonymous said...

Well if the "City of Toronto" is hosting the event I can guarantee that it is going to be fucked.

Tino said...

Good thing is that city is not hosting the event. The Toronto Messenger Association is, so it will be fantastic and super fun.

Anonymous said...

Ya I kinda of figured that the couriers would not allow the city to get its dirty paws on it.

gwadzilla said...

I will be stealing this information


Anonymous said...

Orrrrrr, the messengers are working with the city / the city is working or the messengers to have a good cycling event. City of Toronto supporting a cycling event = good on the city, even if they aren't a 100% in other areas

Anonymous said...

True, the couriers won't release any control of the event, it's theirs & anyone wishing to "cash in" on it whether the city or spnsors has to play by their rules.

I heard the main event is on the Toronto, a huge chunk of the island! I saw what looked like messengers surveying a large area, they were making notes & measuring....but still in messenger bags and cycling stuff on the wekend...they looked oddly industrious, the opposite of what I think of when I see messengers cruising around