Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PM told to ride bike.

PM Stephen Harper was stunned when he learned this month that the Chinese successfully fired an anti-satellite missile destroying a small weather satellite. This same success has eluded George W. Bush's efforts, the US has been trying to develop this technology for twice as long. The PM said, "The Chinese have no business with these types of weapons".

Some observers believe the PM is still miffed that the Chinese government told him to "go ride a bicycle" at last month's China-Canada Friendship meeting. It was here that the PM brought up his concerns over China's fuel use. Harper told China's PM Zhu Rongji that China's demand for fuel was causing hard ship in North America. Harper referenced the fact the demand for large SUV's has dropped significantly thereby putting a strain on the auto industry and it was costing people more to drive to the corner store. Harper also told the Chinese PM that he could not understand why the Chinese were buying so many Xboxes, "should the peasants not be working the cotton fields?".

At this point it is reported that PM Rongji told Harper to "go ride a bicycle". Harper retorted, "I would but your country is making it very expensive to drive to the store to get one". Rhongji at this point asked Harper if he would like to be Canada's first space tourist. Before there was any response both men were separated.

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