Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where The Bicycle Takes You

Two friends of mine went on some stunning bike trips this summer. Hamish (photo above) rode from Venice to Kassel, Germany and then onto Amsterdam. Wow! Link Another
link to videos of that trip.
Photo: Der Splugen Pass (Italy/Swiss Border)

Briana rode from Copenhagen to Helsinki. Picasa Link Gotland/Sweden. Beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I would gladly spend all day riding up that nice twisty road just for the pleasure of riding back down.

I would probably turn around and do it again too!

Anonymous said...

this hamish can only drool and dream..

Anonymous said...

Too bad you need to join Facebook to see the linked photos.
Oh, Facebook, how I hate you.

Tino said...

Hmm Good point. That sucks.
Let me see if there are other links ...

Tino said...

Nope. No other links online anywhere. hmm.
The photo by Hamish is about the only one that he posted.
Briana's pics (60) are sadly only on Flickr/Facebook.

I can ask her if she would like to put them on Flickr.
As for Hamish, there is another blog with photos of that trip.
Will post once I find it.

velogirl said...

My photos (a much larger set, actually) are on Picasa, too!

Tino said...

thanks Briana ... what a gorgeous trip. SOOOOO jealous!!