Friday, November 16, 2007

Critical Hot Chocolate and Film Night

Welcome all,

The Community Bicycle Network wishes to thank all the participants of Critical Mass by hosting a warm chocolate filled film night. All are welcome at 8pm, after the ride, at 761 Queen St W (Queen and Euclid).

Hot Chocolate will be supplied inside by Choco-sol, fair trade organic South American coco company on a pay what you can basis.

Films on Nov 30th
Documentary on Critical Mass Toronto, filmed three Masses back by Ryerson Students

Martin Reis and his stunning shorts

You Never Bike Alone.. The origins of Critical Mass: Vancouver

For further information, call CBN at 416-504-2918 or come on down.


brandon said...

great idea! there always is a thought of "where do we go after CM". thanks CBN.

Geoffrey said...

i hope to keep this innitative going all long as cyclist freeze there ass in defiance of car culture, there will always be a warm place afterwards.

Anonymous said...

When did CBN decide that critical mass should finish at 8pm?