Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oh, so slow

CBC page on comparative Urban Bike Plans in Canada
Toronto lags behind in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and, of course, Montreal in terms of bike lanes built. Nice list for planned bike lanes this year. Anyone seen one yet that's on the list? (Apologies for the bad scan, click to enlarge, as always)


Anonymous said...

Hey - if they ever want to redeem themselves a bit, how about doing a big long bike lane Bloor right beside the 40-year-old subway that often has more parking atop it than a bike lane on the street would remove. Paint is cheap too.

Anonymous said...

We should be REMOVING so-called sections of bikeway that have been allowed to deteriorate to the point of hilarity or have been manipulated by various civic bodies to become all but impassible mounted on a bicycle. There must be 2 or 300 meters of Bata Trail, Exbury Pk is a nightmare, Chalkfarm has wheelbreaker type issues, Downsview Dells has a mud fjord and one of the most inane crossings (of Finch) with no reconnection with the trail system greets those using Black Creek.
Of the latter I'll be happy to draw the attention of all to the inanity being acted out on the trail adjacent to the Boulevard Club driveway. It seems Boulevard Club users are indignant yielding to MGT traffic is undignified so have lobbied parks to force cyclists to all but stop to cross their private drive. How are they setting about this? Parks is setting up a double set of staggered bollards to force cyclists to divert their attention from trivial concerns like club users blowing stop signs and such and forcing these cyclists to instead concentrate on navigating this bollard maze.

Happy Trails. Remember motorholics who don't see you probably don't want to.