Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bells on Bloor 2007 Video

Hundreds rode last Sunday to demand a bike lane on Bloor and safe passage for Cyclists across Toronto. Bells on Bloor.

Lots of Photos from the event.


laurence said...

i counted 385 but i wouldn't claim a high accuracy ;]

also i believe the shot of the whole mass was at the start, and i know we picked up quite a few people on the way..

Tino said...

You rock, Laurence!

Right, I saw many cyclists jumping onto the ride along the way.
I think 450-500 is a good estimate.

Let's remember it as the 1000 Pedals Ride.

laurence said...

hey, does you or your bike have any distinguishing features? i'll be sure to say hi at the next event (critical mass?) :]

Anonymous said...

fabulous ride, fabulous footage, and the time for bike lanes on Bloor is now, or was then, 6/7 years ago when it was first suggested for the Bike Plan, and certainly must have crossed other cyclists' minds before then eh?