Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You might be a courier if ...

01. You know what a fixie is

02. You have gotten more than 2 or 3 flats in an 8 hour work day.

03. You know that just because your dispatcher yells at you on the radio, it's nothing personal.

04. You have a code name [i.e. 8-ball, Fire Leader, Squid]

05. You have gone the wrong way down a one-way street just to deliver a package.

06. You know how to ride a bike with one gear and no brakes, somewhat safely.

07. You know the people in the local bike shop bike first name.

08. You know that downtown on a bike is SO much faster than a car.
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Tino said...

09. You measure distances in blocks.

10. After work, you still refer to your fellow couriers by there code name from work.

11. You are not offended by rolled up pants.

12. You wear tights, and if you are male, you are not bothered by it.

13. Your back has been sore for says on end from that one heavy ass box that had to be delivered on a 15 minute service, just because the people that called it in are your biggest client.

14. Not all of the places in your city are fully said on the radio [i.e. Triple 5, Triple 7, The Dub]

15. You have several bikes

16. You don't have a car.

17. You drink beer at base with your other couriers after work.

18. You have been cut off by cars more than 10 times in one day.

19. You have ridden a flat tire just to deliver a package.

20. All of your friends are couriers.

21. You have met all of your friends on bikes from other biking events.

22. You don't ride in bike lanes.

23. You love your bike mroe than anything

24. You have ridden in over 100 degree heat and below 0.

25. You have ridden in all elements.

26. Hills.

27. You know what a "Free Lock" is.

28. You can ride all the way across town without putting a foot down [trackstands]

29. One handed trackstands.

30. No handed trackstands.

31. You are a vegetarian.

32. You are a vegan.

33. You know what the NACCC is.

34. Skid comp.

35. You know that bladed spokes have no place in the work place.

36. You have a ton of Old School Chucks and cycling caps.

37. The terms "Bianchi", "Alleycat", and "fixed gear" have special meaning in your heart.

38. You see sharply dressed women and men at all of the offices that you go into.

38A. You talk about the forementioned people back at base.

39.You get honked at to "get on the sidewalk".

40. A 15 minute round trip to the county at 4:45 doesn't make you mad, if you can get into the courthouse.

41. It is hard to decide between that new bike or rent.

42. You do your best multitasking while trackstanding.

43. You have a mini U-lock

44. You have been pulled over for having no brakes on your bike and going the wrong way on a one-way.

45. You realize that some people hate you and some people wouldn't surevive without you.

46. Your bag cost alot of money, possibly as much as your bike.

47. People don't understand how you stop your bike.

48. You hate checking your bag at the front.

49. Critical Mass.

50. Two words: Spoke cards.

Anonymous said...

Apparently I have become more of a courier since I stopped being a courier. :)