Tuesday, December 11, 2007

pics for posters

I've received some really excellent submissions for the bike poster contest, and submissions are still open until January 4th at 4:00pm

(contact info below)

3 different versions of posters will be printed up and distributed to Libraries, Community Centers, Civic Centers, Environmental Groups, Bike Event Holders, City of Toronto Offices, various Associations and of course the Bike Shops.

The top works will be shown at Metro Hall Jan7-Jan 11th

The official Reception and Judging will take place Thursday January 10th at 6:00pm-pm

hope to see you out. As usual I'm eager to hear any/all input on bike month ideas feel free to let me know. cboucha@toronto.ca 416-392-7592


Wes said...

Hey! That last photo is me! :D

Anonymous said...

I believe that the city only publishes cycling photos that actually have Cris in them, so some new submissions will be required. :P