Friday, November 25, 2011

Before & After - Bike Parking Fiasco

There used to be 6 ring and post parking spot at College and Manning (Google Image) now there is just one left after the Astral Media Ad Pillar was installed. Priorities, priorities.


Unknown said...

Doesn't Toronto want to make it illegal to lock your bike to anything but designated bike racks, and yet they remove them?

Also, doesn't Astral Media own CFRB 1010AM? If so it doesn't surprise me in the least that they'd have bike racks removed. With the exception of John Moore, some guy later at night and Tarek Fata those on 1010 are extremely anti-bike and quite right-wing.

RGB said...

Not only that, but that pesky tree had to be cut down since it was interfering with the ad pillar.

Anonymous said...

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Dave H said...

These ads inhibit road safety.

They are intended to grab drivers' attention by being placed like road signs, square on the the direction of travel

They mask forward visibility, especially on right curving roads, and their height (generally lower than permitted from road signs are allowed. Pedestrians on the footway (about to cross) and cyclists - especially when not riding 'high' are hidden

In some administration there is a blanket permission to install with very poor control of locations and standards, as a result thes panels are thrown in with little regard for pedestrian movement, sometimes making the remaining width too narrow for a wheelchair to safely pass by, and providing a mugger's dream - a place to hide and spring out from, with limited means to escape.