Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spot The Dfference?

Official City of Toronto Cycling Maps. Top: 2012 - Middle: 2011 - Bottom: 2004. Can you spot the difference? Answer: Sterling Road is no longer a 'Suggested Bike Route' after many years. Why? Here is one likely reason. The Cycling newsletter April 27, 2012 does not mention it either.


joebyer said...

Great... well I still have to use it to get to "Just 4 Fun" on Sterling where I play ball hockey.

Leckyf said...

Probably because of the West Toronto Bike Path running along the rail corridor.

As for Just 4 Fun, that's a destination rather than a suggested route. The Perth-Sterling route runs just a couple hundred metres from the railpath.

Tino said...

Could be for sure but the raipath has been there for several years now as well and the main had remained unchanged until now. I wonder.