Thursday, June 02, 2005

Please sign the Toronto Cyclists Deserve Better Petition!

Time to stand up and be counted! Petition Thank you!
Information flyer


Anonymous said...

Okies I did:)

Tanya said...

What are the lanes going to be marked, if not with bicycles? And why not as bike lanes? (because they know they are too narrow?)

Tino said...

1. Because the Bike Lanes are sub-standard the lawyer for the city advised council not to mark them as bike lanes in order to avoid liability.

2. Councillors are still debating how to mark them.
Some favour just a plain line with a bike route sign while
other were talking about Chevrons.
Really Chevrons!

They just don't get it!
That's why a group flyered the big ride this morning
... photo coming right up.

Tino said...

Thank you all for signing the Petition. Over
127 already. We are hoping for 2000-3000!
Keep 'em coming.

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