Monday, November 19, 2007

Great Bike Art On Richmond

We're pretty lucky in Toronto to have great artists like Janet Bike Girl. You can check out her artwork at the annual and very popular 401 Richmond Marketplace in December. Thursday December 6 - Sunday December 9 / Thursday + Friday 11 - 8 / Saturday + Sunday 11 - 5.

Janet's photos on Flickr

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with Hannah on this one. You've gotta be really careful down there... I think a lot of drivers don't even know there is a bike lane there- and there are a lot of "out of towners" in that area too making the problem worse. I like the advance green idea, or the two lanes should merge ahead of the intersection so drivers know what's up.

Anonymous said...

We could ban cars from turning across a bike lane or path, but that's impossible at every intersection.
Making the cyclist and path more visible or forcing the driver to do an action that makes him more aware would make sense, but this is still one of the safest sections in Toronto to ride.