Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meanwhile in Copenhagen

Bicycle Commuter Superhighways in Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen is currently planning to expand the existing, extensive network of bike lanes to extend farther out into the suburbs. A network of 13 high-class routes - 'bicycle superhighways' if you will - dedicated to bicycle commuters and aimed at encouraging more to cycle to work. Currently 55% of the citizens in central Copenhagen ride a bicycle daily and the number is 37% for Greater Copenhagen. 
The routes will be developed on the existing bike lanes but they will have a number of improved features, according to the City's vision: Smooth, even surfaces free of leaves, ice and snow. As direct as possible with no detours. Homogenous visual expression, for example, with signage and the trademark blue bike lanes through larger intersections. 'Service stations' with air and tools along the routes. Possibility to maintain a high speed and with sufficient width to overtake other cyclists.

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