Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bike Boxes On Harbord/Hoskin/St. George

Cyclometer says: Bike Boxes for the Harbord- Hoskin and College Bicycle Lanes
Weather permitting, the installation of Toronto’s first Bike boxes (PDF) are scheduled to begin Monday October 4th. Bike boxes are a pavement marking that designates a space for cyclists to wait in front of cars at a red light, and to proceed first when the light turns green. The new design treatment will be evaluated for use in the future at other intersections across the City. Bike boxes are scheduled to be installed this year, at the following locations:

Harbord-Hoskin and St George (north, south, east and west bound)
Hoskin and Queens Park Crescent (eastbound) Harbord and Spadina (east and westbound)
College and Spadina (east and westbound)
College and St George-Beverley (north, south, east and west bound)

Note Bene: The claim that these are the 'first' is of course inaccurate.
The city removed the actual first bike boxes installed by the Urban Repair Squad 
Harbord and Bathurst (Oct. 2008)


Unknown said...

not sure what the rationale is for having the bike box across both lanes of Harbord at St. George. I think everyone would be better off if the box was only in the right hand lane. I also miss the bike box put in at Harbord and Bathurst by the URS

Bubbsy1998 said...

I have been complaining to the city about the width of the road and bike line heading west on Hoskin, at same location as bike boxes.

They told me they would inspect the bike line at the bend by Robarts.

I recommended that they widen the bike lane on the corner heading west bound and narrow the eastbound car lane, because many people including myself have been cut off or run off the road on that corner. (heading west)

The last time I and my daughter (in her trailer) was run off the road by a 94 Wellesly TTC bus (May 10,2010), driven by a precision bus driver. He didn't cross the line but he came within 6 inches or less from hitting me and caused me to hit the curb and kept going when I hammered on the bus.

I complained to the TTC, but at first they didn't care to act on my complaint until I went to the city of Toronto, Ombudsman (woman in this case).(reference #278803)

When you read the drivers handbook is says you should be 3 feet away from a pedestrian or cyclist that you are overtaking or you can't do it.

The city engineers are so condescending a-****, the way they talk to you is like you were born yesterday and no nothing.

I really wanted to do a video on all the little things that add up to one dangerous commute.

We are never going to get people out of their cars with these little inconveniences, that impair travel by car drivers and cyclist.

Most people see cyclist as being crazy and risk taking individuals and until this changes not much is going to improve in this city.

I lived in Jamaica for one year riding a bicycle and motorcycle, I felt way safer there than Toronto. They beep the horn when they are going to overtake you and don't try to race and tail gate you like Torontonions.

And to Jun, google bike boxes and it will explain the "rationality" for bike boxes.

Dennis Black


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