Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cyclists doing good for all of us

From The Star today:
"I don’t have and won’t ride a bicycle. I intend to die at home in bed, and not on a city street under the wheels of a big car driven by a jerk in a cheap suit with a cellphone, a cup of bad coffee and a vein busting out of his forehead.
But maybe that’s just me.
Because, on a recent morning, I walked from the corner of Queen and Yonge to the corner of Queen and Gladstone, and along the way I counted 493 parked bicycles, 47 riders who were not wearing helmets, and 23 cyclists who were helmeted.
A mild surprise: one hour, one major street, more than 500 bikes.
The riders I saw looked a lot like this city: old, young, men, women, students and children, people from all the cities in the world where the use of a bike is a matter of course. You’d think we’d pay them a little respect." ... Read on below

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