Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Critical need for volunteer cyclists.

Do you have experience dealing with people who have suffered traumatic experiences? Do you have experience as a teacher, instructor or coach? Can you provide emotional support to people? Do you understand what issues refugees face or have you been one yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the above and are adept at getting around Toronto on the TTC or a bicycle we NEED you! We have a critical need for volunteers. Our office is expecting a huge influx of refugees in the coming months. While 98.9% of our clients have lived in Toronto for their entire lives they have little to no experience using public transit or cycling. Due to latest surge in gas prices we expect many people to leave their cars behind and for the first time use active transportation. These refugees will need a lot of your help with things as mundane as learning where to put their money into the fare box on a streetcar. Please understand that they will suffer much trauma making the transition to buses and bicycles.

Our first volunteer orientation meeting is May 25th, City of Toronto Emergency Preparedness Department, 100 Queen St. W, Suite 11-1079 at 11am. Contact Tony Hayward, 416-962-8335 for further info.

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