Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Deconstructing Vehicular Cycling (VC)

"Vehicular cyclists are disciples of John Forester whose book they often cite to support their arguments. Forester has been an advocate for mixed-traffic cycling since the 1970’s when he began promoting a philosophy known as Vehicular Cycling or VC for short. He was credited with helping protect the right of cyclists to use the public right of way.

However Forester’s VC view left no room, ideological or physical, for cycling lanes. An article in a recent issue of the cycling magazine, Momentum, says that Forester contributed in no small way to slowing the progress toward better cycling infrastructure in North America. In fact, he never saw cycling as a transportation option. He always saw cycling as “a minority activity” and “I didn’t expect it to be any more than that,” he told the author. (“Trailblazers,” by Jeff Mapes, Momentum Magazine, No. 44, March-April 2010,"

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