Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 26 - Speak your mind!

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I just have one question: Why bother? It's not like it's a priority.
Besides we're doing our job every day. We ride.
Anyways, I am just jaded.

Meanwhile, the city truck driver who ran over the cyclist on Bayview seems to be off the hook. No charges are expected.


Anonymous said...

You've got company Martino, and by the sounds of it, Martin Koob is also verging on being a carmudgeon, as his July 7th post after this entry is a good strong indictment of how the city is just failing to provide for cyclists, including in "progressive" wards eg. not getting more space on Dundas. Not that every street has to have a bike lane, wider curb lanes with sharrows would help lots as the bike lanes are usually blocked, and it's just part of life it seems.
Maybe the 26th would be a good place to flyer...
I kinda boycotted Mr. Heaps' "thanks" to the outgoing/cut TCC tonight. Short notice,what respect?

Steeker said...

makes me sick to know that the driver killed well I would say murdered the cyclist and got away with it

Anonymous said...

So, you're only now becoming jaded?

Actually, as an original participant in the Toronto Cycling 'Master Plan' Committee meeting many years ago, I knew then what a joke it all was. Except, it wasn't funny.

The only real goal of those employed in the committee is to perpetuate their own employment. Hence, the long 'lead times' of their mediocre goals.

An example: their original goal was to double the number of bicycle 'trips' in ten years. Sounds great, eh? Well, upon further questioning, it was revealed that their definition of a bicycle 'trip' was just about anything ... including a kid riding to the end of the driveway (not even on the road). I'm serious! I could've achieved the doubling in under a year with a fraction of the budget ... but that wouldn't include their 'jobs'.

What we need, among other things, is continuous paths/trails along the rail corridors ... and with the work that is going on now in Scarboro, we could have exactly that with no (negligible) additional cost.

What about water fountains and public washrooms: these are essential to those 'powering' their own vehicle.

Unfortunately, what we've got are a bunch of freakin' fools/idiots with low calibre capabilities and mediocre expectation/standards.

Anonymous said...

I think the "valet bike parking" pretty much sums up how much of a clue the city has regarding cycling.

Tino said...

I was there too at the original Master Plan meetings. It was sad to see Dan Egan presenting a plan that could be shot down, diluted, co-opted at any time for any stupid reason.

What do you say to such blatant disregard and disrespect?

Right, it's just politics.

I thing I'd rather go for a ride and a beer and not waste my time.