Thursday, July 26, 2007

O.U.R.S. paints up Queen Street West

North and south side between Bathurst to Trinity Bellwoods Park more or less.
More fine work by the Official Urban Repair Squad.


Anonymous said...

I'll hae to give those a try on my way out to High Park for bikefriday tomorrow. :)

Jamie said...

Kudos to the OURS! Take your town back from the auto-totalitarians!

Darren said...

Bloody criminals. All they are doing is embarrassing the city. It would take the city years and hundred's of thousands of dollars to do what OURS does with a few hundred dollars and in a few hours. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

You almost had me there, Darren.

I like OURS' gumption, but lanes are not the answer (can-of-worms alert!). Cyclists should be able to ride safely everywhere, and our lanes wouldn't achieve that even on every road: parking to the right!? Cops should ticket the hell out of cars for anything a danger to cyclists and pedestrians, which will create an environment safe enough for cyclists and pedestrians to better obey the laws too, without getting killed.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish the police would ticket more...

I was riding up Royal York earlier today (Thursday) and as I was biking noth in the bike lane I was passing many cyclists - who were on the sidewalk!

In many areas, even when there are bike lanes the years of the parents drilling into the kid "ride on the sidewalk" has only trained adults who don't know how to ride their bikes on roads.

I want to see more bike lanes, but I'd also like to see them used more too.

gwadzilla said...

I have long debated with some messages on the bike paths

slogans like...

"lights equal life... get a life!"


"look before you button hook"


"race on race day... not on the multiuse path"

and of course
the STOP sign sticker that I would be afraid to past on the signs

pass cyclist don't harass them"

with the word STOP making the sentence read


Yokota Fritz said...

I really like the idea of guerrilla traffic calming and sharrows.

Clarence Jr. said...