Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ghost Bike For Darcy Allan Sheppard - Old City Hall!

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Photos by Derek Chadbourne

A ghost bike was installed at old city hall earlier this week. As of Friday at 11AM it was still there and it has been seen by thousands... a very poignant protest, I thought.
This case will not go away i think until cyclists in Toronto get some form of justice.
For alternative views on this case against Bryant I suggest this podcast and especially this fine articleby lawyer Bob Mionske in Bicycling magazine.
The sign on the bike reads: "This is a reminder that cyclists rights were killed on this spot by the Ontario justice system - May 25, 2010.
Safe rides everybody.
Update: As of Monday morning (June 7) the ghost bike has been removed. It was still there Friday during the day so it must have been in that location for 5 days or more. Quite amazing.

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