Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Truth Ruth

A fine podcast about the Bryant/Sheppard case Nowatt/watt028.mp3


hamish said...

Wow! thanks PRO for putting together all those clips and the commentary, and thanks Tino for sharing this.
I'd written to AG Bentley in maybe October and made specific reference to that surveillance video footage - do we have any proof that Mr. Peck et al actually watched it?
And yup, now there's a sense that it's a just-us shytstem ie. the gold rules... and we bicyclists are the pee-ons...

Ben said...

Glad you heard it Hamish, and I'm working on a follow-up podcast for next week. I really wish there were some concrete way to push for a trial, because what happened is going to lead to more fear and resentment, and that makes for more violence.