Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Average

Distance travelled by bicycle per person (daily life) (2006)
Denmark: 954 km
Netherlands: 879 km
Belgium: 329 km
Germany: 298 km
Sweden: 277 km
Finland: 256 km
Ireland: 186 km
Austria: 173 km
Italy: 159 km
Great Britain: 84 km
France: 81 km
Greece: 77 km
Luxemburg: 31 km
Portugal: 29 km
Spain: 27 km

Japan: 354 km
Switzerland: 287 km
Norway: 164 km
USA: 33 km
Canada: ??
Source: VCOE (Austria, in German only)


Steeker said...

nine hundred ? I thought they would be doing alot more than that.

Dan said...

In your face Luxembourg!


Warren T said...

I'm assuming this is the average for the entire year - including cyclists and non-cyclists?

Tino said...

Hi Warren,

Yes, it's the average per person per country including non-cyclists per year. Does not cover racers of course ...

A good indicator I thought.
In Canada, 2005 stats showed only 1,2% of commutes were by bike, so I imagine we're close to the US stat

John said...

While a direct comparison to the numbers posted here, there is some interesting information on Canada vs. the U.S. in the latest Plan Canada magazine (published by the Canadian Institute of Planners). "The overall share of bike share of work trips is currently three times higher in Canada than in the US (1.2% vs. 0.4%). The total number of bike trips in Canada increased by 18.5% from 1996 to 2001, almost twice as fast as work trips by all other modes (10.3%)."

Interestingly the reasons cited are higher city densities; mixed land use; shorter trip distances; more restrictive policies on autos; lower income; higher gas prices; more expensive parking; complimentary transit; more extensive bike infrastructure; and a safer environment.

A chart shows cycling fatality by country:
1. Denmark 1.0 (deaths per 100 million km cycles)
2. Netherlands (~1.1)
3. Sweden (~1.5)
4. France (2.0)
5. Canada (~2.4)
6. Germany (~2.4)
7. UK (3)
8. Italy (~3.5)
9. US (~5.8)!!!!!

Unfortunately the article requires CIP membership to access. The Canadian data comes from the 2001 census ("Where Canadians work and how they get there" from Stats Can 2003)

Anonymous said...

useful and indicative of climate cariminality eh? thanks too to John for "going the extra mile" to share the stats.