Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Flying Scotsman (Trailer)

Saw the film last night. A classic!!! Ride fast and go see it! More info.


Anonymous said...

Well, where do we ride fast to go see this. Is it just released or at an art's theatre (second runs). Now you have wet my whistle so to speak. BTW Sam Wittingham has the hour record now in a streamliner at over 53.8 mph.


Anonymous said...

See we can do it too, :-).


Steeker said...

The Scotts RULE :-D

Owen said...

Opens Friday, May 4.

Anonymous said...

More info at

Justice for Robert D. said...

I saw the ad today in the paper. It didnt have the details but it's the story I've been waiting for, for years now.

Obree's been the man for me since 95 when I first started race-training. For a guy without any formal background in cycling, in a strange community, without the money to buy a true racer - this was the best role model I could have. And I won ONE race at the end of it. A hilly TT and it was only because the other guys were big old cows and I'm a skinny guy with a killer power/mass ratio.

I have moved on since then. There are other things to take care of. But I still keep my bike and only for the memory of that one win and for the one time I broke 80kph screaming down the hills at Ironman Canada - and I knew that I did it in bull-power. These times are few and far between but it's all because I knew that if Obree could, then I can too.