Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day Drivers!

Some people just don't get it. Worst air day of 2007 by far!

Earth day means you don't drive. Got it? Good.


Anonymous said...

If I had two wishes they would be:
1. I would wish no one ever drove on earth day
2. I would wish that every day was earth day.

Leanne said...

I had my first asthma attack of the year riding my bike today. Thanks drivers, happy Earth Day!

Darren said...

Flawed logic. One day represents a 0.003% reduction in car use. Whereas if you ask drivers to use there cars 5% less through the year it would equal an 18 "Earth Days'" reduction. Most drivers could probably use their cars 20% less with little or no effect in their overall routine.

Being car free for a day sounds nice but does it really do anything when compared to a simple 5% reduction?

Anonymous said...

The whole weekend was pretty sick. I had to ride on Queen street and was completely disgusted. Absolutely f*cking gross.