Monday, April 16, 2007

Five things you did not know about me

A while back a bike blogger I admire greatly Nicomachus challenged me to post in pictures five things people did not know about me. So I took a bunch of photos but then I got stuck.

Well, I thought it would still be fun to post these things in any case and honour my promise.

1. I am blind on my left eye since birth. Another great excuse not to drive.
2. When I was 5, I was struck on my bike by a VW van which sent me flying across the road onto a patch of grass. A witness told my mother I missed a telephone pole by inches.
3. Back in the 1980s, I was the Junior Ontario long jump champion. (6,74m)
4. Although I grew up in Europe, I had my first beer at the age of 23. After University!!
5. I suffer from Arachnophobia. No joke. I squeal like Flanders and run.


Darren said...

Thank god. I thought I would need counselling after reading it. Worried you would tell us you like to wear women's underwear under your cycling shorts.

Anonymous said...

Martino... great post; you dug deep for these insights.
One the first, you're in good company with Patrick Leahy, US Senator from Vermont. And you and I share a similar story on your fourth answer. I think my first beer was also sometime around 23.

Thanks for answering the challenge.

Steeker said...

Arachnophobia. omg :-D I carry a pet spider around with me sometimes in a box.. I'll show you at CM

Tino said...

Thanks Nico, sorry it took so long... ;-(

Steeker, you will not show me your spider!! ... ;-)

Steeker said...

aaww you'll love it , big hairy about as big as my hand and it never bites , you'll just feel a tickely feeling as it crawls up your arm >:-D

zydeco fish said...

I admire you for disclosing your arachnophobia. I lived in a house infested with spiders when I was a kid, and I still do not like them, very much.

Darren said...

Do they make bikes for spiders?