Saturday, April 28, 2007

Truck side guard solution.

We had our top scientists at the BLD spend five minutes on coming up with a made in Toronto side guard solution. They simply looked at the need for side guards on trucks with the City of Toronto's obsession with putting advertising everywhere. In that five minutes they shamed the City's assertion that side guards cost too much. Looks like their BS got run over again.

The truck in the photo is a typical straight truck used in North America.


Anonymous said...

Too brilliant! You shoulda put a copyright on it - cyclists need some royalties and rewards for all their great ideas!

Anonymous said...

I STILL don't understand why trucks are exempt of legal bumper height regulations. Why were trucks exempt of pollution copntrol regulations until recently? Why was Lakeview allowed to contribute to the local smogasbord for so long when scrubbers had been proven.
Anyway, toss in "insert your spampiece here" behind the rear wheels and wrapping the back underrun with reinforcement at car bumper height and the truck lobbys insurance backers and truck manufacturers may just see the light. But then again ..
On another note, bus shelter advertising is aimed at passing motorists. Until recently CBS and Astral (you bastard lying thieves of public eyespace) have ignored the captive market waiting for transit who don't require 80 point fonts for legibility. Community announcements should elbow blockbuster hollyweirdness for community space. No?

Darren said...

All of the side guards I looked at in Europe all ended at the rear wheel. Makes sense, because there is no chance you will end sucked into the wheel at that point.