Friday, June 22, 2007

Olivia Chow Reads Cycling Petition in Parliament

June 18th, Ms. Olivia Chow (Trinity—Spadina, NDP):
"Mr. Speaker, the next petition, which is close to 200 pages, comes from over 3,000 Canadians from cities coast to coast, like Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Halifax.
The petitioners want the federal government to legitimize cycling as the preferred means of transportation and to make it a part of the solution to climate change.
The 3,000 Canadians want the federal government to offer a tax credit to bicycle commuters similar to that offered to public transit users; set up a program similar to Britain's cycle to work initiative, that the employer purchase a bike and claim the tax back from the government and sell the bike to the employee at a tax free price; offer tax incentives to employers who set up bike lockers and showers for employees; and the removal of the GST from bikes and bike accessories.
Last weekend many parts of southern Ontario experienced smog days. The time for action is now."
Thank you Tuco for organizing this and all those who signed the petition. Thanks Olivia!


Anonymous said...

Hi fellow cyclists...
It was my pleasure to read your petitions in Parliament. Please keep them coming and keep up the great work!
Olivia Chow

Darren said...

Wow Wee! Had pleasure reading the petition. Exactly what did it accomplish?

Gotta go add my name to the Soprano's petition against bad endings.