Friday, June 22, 2007

The Other Green Zone

Courier drivers need to get out more often
Jun 21/07
The Star - Letter to the Editor
Curbside justice nets $80 million

It's no surprise that three of the worst parking offenders are international courier companies. They park their trucks in front of office towers as pseudo-satellite offices with free billboard advertising. Their drivers often spend a large amount of time in each tower delivering on foot, while their trucks block traffic, create gridlock and endanger other road users.

This practice is completely unnecessary. Unlike the local same-day and emergency courier services, the large courier companies refuse to use bicycle or foot couriers, who could complete the jobs much faster without causing environmental damage or gridlock.

If the city were serious about its traffic and environmental problems, it would tow the trucks rather than just ticket them.
This would force these companies to utilize more efficient and environmentally friendly methods for deliveries.

The Toronto Bike Messenger Association has proposed a solution to the city's transportation and parking woes through the application of a "green zone" for deliveries in the downtown. This zone would make it easier for courier companies to choose active transportation delivery methods where appropriate. - Joe Hendry, Toronto Bike Messenger Association, Toronto -
(photo taken this morning along College Street)

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