Wednesday, September 29, 2010

VELO painting hand stenciled by Janet Bike Girl

Hello Everyone!
It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you the season finale of Art Spin on Thursday, September 30th which promises to be our best one yet. As usual we will be meeting in Trinity Bellwoods Park at the Queen St. gate between 6:30 - 7 pm. Geoff from the Bike Pirates will once again be on hand conducting complementary bike tune ups and we'll be Arting-up our bikes before we set off to visit a whole new selection of galleries and site specific performances, as well as a very special light based interactive group installation. There will be many surprises along the way and the whole tour ends at a 10,000 square foot historic warehouse for a group exhibition featuring the work of over 20 artists in all fields and disciplines followed by a racus after party with live musical performances by Michael Louis Johnson & The Red Rhythm, MooCow, Ludy Dobri & The Organic Streetscape Project and Rambunctious. Catered appetizers and drinks will be served.

Whether or not you've been on Art Spin before this tour is poised to be one of the most engaging and exciting art events of the season and something not to be missed.

See atached evite for more details, or visit our website,, for a more complete list of all participating artists.

If you are interested in only attending the exhibition portion of this event the warehouse space is located at 1655 Dupont St in the Planet Building. It runs between 9pm - 1am, and feel free to invite your friends.

On behalf of the Art Spin team thanks for making the 2010 installment of Art Spin so successful and so much fun. We hope to see you all on the 30th!


The Art Spin Team

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pizza Bikes

Pizza Bikes, originally uploaded by Hugger Industries.

Unfinished Business on Harbord

Painting season is almost over, right boys? Photo by Hamish Wilson.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mayor or mascot.

BLDNews - Seaside Heights NJ - Editor-in-Chief Tino assigned myself and our newest intern 'Little E' to Seaside Heights, New Jersey for the September 18th and 19th weekend. MTV fans will recognize the city as the locale for seasons 1 and 3 of the reality-drunk-drama queen show Jersey Shore. Tino sent us there because it was ClownFest weekend. He wanted to finally dispel or confirm a persistent rumour that Toronto mayoral candidate Rob Ford was a former national mascot for the clowns.

We spent a lot of time questioning clowns. Ya thanks Tino. While initially they were happy to answer any questions we had, questions about Rob Ford were another matter. In general they said they had never heard of him yet others got clearly agitated and politely excused themselves. After two days of questioning every clown we came across and not getting any straight answers we gave up. 

Dejected we headed back to our hotel through some side streets to avoid the crowds. Half way back we heard, "Psssssssst! Psssssssst! silly Canucks. Listen here!" We looked around to see where the voice was coming from. An almost familiar voice. Deep in one of the shadows came, "Psssssssst! Do not come any closer! Vote Ford! or else you will not live to see another red squeeky nose! I AM TOP DOG NOW!" Perplexed by this threat we challenged, "Who are you?" He hissed, "NOOOBODY!" I thought it best we leave the immediate area as quickly as possible. 'Little E' commented to me as we walked briskly away, "he is a BAD BOY!"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bike Mess

Bike Mess, originally uploaded by brentcouchman.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New work by Urban Repair Squad

P1310150, originally uploaded by Martinho.
The Harbord Gap? Ask Adam:
87 Harbord St - 416.413.1603

Janet Bike Girl Open Studio, Culture Days, Fri Sept 24 & Sat Sept 25 2010

Janet Bike Girl Open Studio, Culture Days, Fri Sept 24 & Sat Sept 25 2010

Janet Bike Girl
Studios Open to the public
11 am till 6 pm

401 Richmnd St west
Studio S-26 and S-27
basement, follow the bicycle stencils
Toronto, Canada

at Spadina Ave and Richmond St West
just a little east of Spadina on the south side of Richmond St West, beside MOMAS PIZZA

Enjoy !
Janet Bike Girl
Toronto, Canada

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bicycle Nuit Blanche - Janet Bike Girl Open Studio, Saturday October 2 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Celebrate Car Free Day

Car Free Day Event on Concord Avenue (Sun. Sept. 12th) Toronto, ON

This has become an annual event for this neighborhoods with a street party, road closures for several blocks south of Bloor Ave. Contact Ron Nash (

Car Free Day Event on Delaware Avenue (Sat. Sept. 18th) Toronto, ON

Delaware Ave. between Shanly and Hallam Streets in the Dovercourt neighborhood will be closed for a petrol-free party for residents from noon to 11 pm. Contact Heidi Westfield at

Main Car Free Day Event at Queen’s Park North (Wed. Sept. 22nd)Toronto, ON

Our biggest Car Free Day has moved from Yonge & Dundas Square this year to Queen’s Park North. We are planning activities with U of T for their Environment Week. City of Toronto Council supported this event in a 31 to 3 vote on August 27. Activities will include cycling education and bike repair, an Art Battle, community tabling, yoga classes and more! Contact Emma Cane (

Car Free Day in Mississauga, (Sat. Sept. 25th) Mississauga, ON

Mississauga's Car Free celebration will take place at Streetsville Memorial Park from 9 am to noon.

Co-sponsored by TD Friends of the Environment, City of Mississauga and Ontario government along with the busy Peel Group of the Sierra Club. You can expect face painting, community groups, speakers and displays on environmental and transit issues, musical entertainment, BBQ and much more. Contact Rosemary Keenan ( or Peter Orphanos (

Car Free Day in Leslieville, (Sat. Sept. 25th) Toronto, ON

Another annual road closure and party organized by the residents, this one includes a pot luck dinner & activities. Contact Jennifer Story (

Car Free Day at 10/3 Lake Promenade in Etobicoke (Sun. Oct. 3rd) Etobicoke, ON

LakePromenadefrom 39th to 42nd Streets will be closed for a street party. You can bike or skate in from the Waterfront Trail near Marie Curtis Park. Join the folks for street hockey, a bike clinic and kid activities. Contact Mike Olivier (

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


You’se a plaintiff with a tainted past, you ain’t entitled to trial
No need to hear your side, whether you’re dead or alive
Throw enough dough at a PR firm and the defendant won’t see trial
Still jog the beach and smile, maintain a bling lifestyle

Dropsi: Hey kids! Some advice for all y’all / get arrested when you’re someone you get 2 phonecalls
Personalities galore show examples, go ahead ask Winona Ryder, or Gordon Campbell
But they didn’t leave my pal to die in the street / hiding in the Hyatt lobby making alibis meet
They didn’t kill somebody breaking laws that they helped write, but at least one of them knows what a pitbull looks like
What a joke, eh? Listen up clear all about your justice system how it works two tier
Type for trailer park trash who love to drink beer ain’t the same as the one for the cats who own Lears
One for diplomats who drop half a mil a year between drugs and rehab clinics far and near
One for royalty and folks too rich to know fear and one for [niggaz] who can’t even afford to chuck spears
See what I’m getting at? It’s all about cash / with enough of it the laws you infract get bypassed
Wanna break some? Put aside about two mil/ that should cover for your legal fees and PR bill

Sunny D: Another murderer walks cuz dead bikes don’t talk / red Sheppard and the politician colour of chalk
Killed the messenger, then fled to the hotel / hyped up, mic’d up with some bull[shit] to sell
First call to the wife, hook up the alibi / second call to PR for those opinions to buy
The man is an attorney, yeah he got connections / so go on and call the cops so no one asks those questions
My suggestion? Car’s a weapon and that [shit] didn’t stall / hit the Sheppard like a boxer that don’t got any balls
Pick it up, dust it off and then confront your attacker / but who ever thinks it escalates to disaster?
After the dust dies down, crown attorney the clown / puts the Sheppard on trial while he’s under the ground
Drop the politician’s charges, sweep it under the rug but we’re all gonna haveta answer to the ultimate judge

Sunny D: If the Sheppard had the money, would the truth be told?
Would you believe what’s in your heart or what’s above the fold?
Would justice stand a chance or fall dead on the floor?
And would another person die because two wheels ain’t four?
Would you leave a human being like a dog to bleed?
Would you steal a man’s life who’s got four kids to feed?
Would my people find protection from the boys in blue?
And would you only care about it if it happened to you?

Dropsi: My view? Let me get to the point and state a fact:
Driver side window attack, I don’t promote that
Got provoked, went there, fatal mistake
Did it for the fuck of it? Gimme a break!
Does that make sense in your pristine reality?
Mr. Never-done-wrong, Ms. Error-Free?
Ok, so you’re sinless, your life’s perfect, fine
Prove that shit come turn my water into wine
‘Course you knew that request was rhetorical
So shut the [fuck] up, finish your editorial
There’s a collision at Yonge & Bloor you might like
Tailor-made for you to spin as car vs. bike

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Thursday, September 02, 2010


Two Words

The two words that North America is afraid to face up to and which kill so many lives every day:

Wreckless driving.

Ever wonder why cyclists get blamed when they die in a collision?
Answer: It's easier to blame the victim than to face the truth. Think I am kidding?

Reading between the lines is something they don't teach you in school.