Friday, September 29, 2006

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Crocodile Hunter: What madness.

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin always felt he would die early, but that he would be killed in a car wreck and not by an animal, his widow says
Does anyone find this as whacked as I do?

Critical Mass This Friday!

Bloor & Spadina

Meet 6 p.m.
Ride 6:30 p.m.

Bike Friday This Week

More info here

U of T Bike Thief Trap (680 News, Toronto Sun)

"High-tech traps set for would be bike-theives at U of T - September 27, 2006 -"
"To catch a thief, specifically a bicycle thief, University of Toronto officials have set up a high-tech trap. Hundreds of bicycles are locked up at any given time at the U of T campus downtown making it a sort of a one-stop shopping depot for bike thieves. But starting Wednesday, there are bait bicycles fitted with GPS beacons locked up at various locations on campus. These bikes send out homing signals so campus police can track their movement and catch unsuspecting bike thieves as they ride off.
Students hope this program works because for them, losing their bicycles means losing their mobility.
"I rely on my bike 100 per cent. A student's budget can't really include superfluous things like getting another $600 bike or something," said one student. Two or three bikes a week are stolen from the U of T campus, and campus police are hoping that this program will reduce those numbers by about 20 per cent." More in the Toronto Sun

Lessons from Europe

Cycling: The Way Ahead For Towns and Cities (.pdf) (European Union)

Really terrific, intelligent reading.
Very inspiring.

I'd love to give a copy to every
City Councillor.

Should be required reading.

More: Check this out.
BBC Documentary (.mp3)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Car Free Day - The Imposters

These kidz don't really get
Car Free Day, do they?

City of Toronto
For selling out cyclists' safety day after day,
year after year.

Via Rail
(Just don't try getting your bike on VIA for free
nor anytime you like)

(Dundas Square Carfree Event Sponsor) For anti-bike rants on their station in the past and more. It's the advertising dollar, baby.

(Dundas Square Carfree Event Sponsor) Love the ample bike parking/racks/bike storage at their terminals, too.)

"Bike will be shipped as freight. You will be charged the weight of the bike, plus 40 percent oversize charge and GST. The bike will travel on the same bus as the passenger only if space allows." (from the website)

Great article in the Globe Anti-car activists leave city's efforts in the dust
and in NOW

The Stencil Archives

Janet Bike Girl

Saturday, September 23, 2006

No respect in the suburbs

"I'm really ticked that parks & rec still hasn't fixed the bike path that was washed out in the August 2005 storm. That's the one that caused Finch avenue to collapse. I notice Finch Avenue was fixed ASAP.

All we've gotten is a caution sign indicating there's a "bump"... and that took a year before they put that up....grrrrr.
Anyways, I took some photos last night. The path is basically a beach in one section now with cycling possible in only one narrow strip. Gets worse at this time of year when its raining alot or you have to traverse it in the dark. The alternative route would be Leslie, but then you're at the infamous Leslie /Eglinton intersection, in the rain and/or dark, where a cyclist was killed 10 days ago or so. I believe this section of bike path is in Jane Pittfield's ward? Unfortunately, I don't live in her ward, but I will be going to my ward's all candidate meeting and asking a few pointed questions." (photos and tip submited by Veronica P.)