Saturday, April 30, 2011

End of Era for Birk's

April '11 Toronto CM from Darren Stehr on Vimeo.

BLDNews- Confirmation today that Tino is no longer taking to wearing Birk's while riding. Birkenstock Germany would not comment as to why their best customer on two wheels is no longer using their products.

Check out the video at the 4:20 mark to understand what this is all about.

P1050690 'Me & My Tall Bike'

P1050690, originally uploaded by Martinho.
Pride in DIY bike building

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chopper For Sale

P1050671 Chopper For Sale, originally uploaded by Martinho.

Rob Ford & Minnan-Wong Voting Record On Cycling

Dec-07Do NOT spend $5.5 million on bike lanes in 20087371FailY

Dec-08Do NOT spend $7 million on bike lanes in 20098325FailY

May-09Do you agree with spending $6 million to remove one lane on Jarvis St. and replacing it with bike lanes28161PassN
Source: | Just a few votes in council he seems proud of. 

Update: Oh, then there's that nifty Bixi Lending Program. 
Due to be launched May 3, 2011. 
Guess who voted against it? Yup! Ford.
For a full feature report on councillors and how they voted in the past you should check here

Who also voted against it? Ah, yes. Councillor Minnan-Wong. And he will speak at the grand opening for Bixi next week: Makes sense.

Minnan-Wong also voted against a separated bike lane on University Avenue and the Annette and Jarvis Bike Lanes. Same councillor who is proposing a bike network for downtown Toronto. Confused? You should be.

The Better Way

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wayne Scott - The Federal Election Cycling Candidate

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! @Bike Pirates

The Toronto Bike Messenger Association is holding the 2nd annual BMEF fundraiser on May 7th! Saturday:

Fundraiser Party 9pm@ Bike Pirates 1292 Bloor St W (Lansdowne/Bloor) $20
pre register here for Sunday Polo Tournament

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Joe Dias - The Champ

Joe, originally uploaded by W A R M F L A S H.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Yellow Bike Called 'Libertad'

P1050318, originally uploaded by Martinho.

P1050319, originally uploaded by Martinho.

P1050320, originally uploaded by Martinho.

Charlie's Bike Shop Opening


Charlie's Bike Shop Opening, a set on Flickr.

Charlie’s Bike Shop is the result of a collaborative effort between a handful of the youth who have graduated from Freewheels, and the adult mentors who have started up the program itself. With the time they have given out of their busy days, be it being busy from high school, university studies or their careers, the Bike shop has been made possible from their energy and time, as well as support from the community.