Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rob Ford & Minnan-Wong Voting Record On Cycling

Dec-07Do NOT spend $5.5 million on bike lanes in 20087371FailY

Dec-08Do NOT spend $7 million on bike lanes in 20098325FailY

May-09Do you agree with spending $6 million to remove one lane on Jarvis St. and replacing it with bike lanes28161PassN
Source: | Just a few votes in council he seems proud of. 

Update: Oh, then there's that nifty Bixi Lending Program. 
Due to be launched May 3, 2011. 
Guess who voted against it? Yup! Ford.
For a full feature report on councillors and how they voted in the past you should check here

Who also voted against it? Ah, yes. Councillor Minnan-Wong. And he will speak at the grand opening for Bixi next week: Makes sense.

Minnan-Wong also voted against a separated bike lane on University Avenue and the Annette and Jarvis Bike Lanes. Same councillor who is proposing a bike network for downtown Toronto. Confused? You should be.

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