Friday, March 11, 2005

Not taking the lane


Tino said...

Me? drive? Hahahahahaha ....

Tino said...

Ok. the shot was taken from inside a cab.
My bike was still in the shop. So it was sale price
I guess although it seems high to me.

Tino said...


Hehe. Nice comments. Thanks you. First of all, glad you like the photos. ;-)
When my bikes all broke down at the end of January I started to take the TTC to work. After a while, I got bored on the TTC and began to take a couple of cabs per week. It gave me whole new perspective on cycling and drivers. You're correct. Cars alienate the driver from his/her surroundings. Their eyes are practivally all they have and often even that last sense is busy doing something else. Bicycles barely exist. On a bike, you're right there; wind in your face, sun, sweat and breathing.
Man and machine in harmony