Friday, April 01, 2005

Spin Cycle


michael said...

Nice shot! I especially love the little red stripe on the sock and the way it picks up the maple leaf on the seat post.

dbike said...

Holy SHITS! Look at beautiful blue sky. Were you tossed into the air when you were taking the pic? Hope you were not hurt. Or did you flip on purpose.

Tino said...

Thank you. I admit I have been known to wipe out on my bike on occasion but only because
I was having too much of a good time.
Hey, dbike. Flipping on a road bike? Are you crazy?

dbike said...

I ride in TO, so crazy yes.

Your pic reminded me of a friend several years ago (1988?) who got hit by a car. He was doing a track stand on a road bike waiting to turn. Got rear ended by a car and thrown into the air backwards over the car, landing in grass two and a half lanes away. My friend had very minor injuries but the managled bike is still in my parents garage. The damage to the bike was almost perfectly symetrical and the toe clip straps were snapped.

A few months later another friend asked me to drive him to court after school. He told me he had to go pay a fine for his father who was charged with careless driving. His father had hit my friend doing the track stand.

Tino said...

Holy shit. What a story!!!