Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Harbord Bike Lane Markings Gone ...


Darren said...

They were just put there for the election.

lfilipe said...

I have also fumed privately about those disappearing bike lanes while taking that route in the last few months. They disappeared not soon after being put it from my own recollection, and I agree with Darren that these were put there for the election. Wasn't it a week prior?

Tino said...

I think it may have to do with the quality of paint used. Notice the stencils are still there ...

Owen said...

Same thing happened on Cosburn two years ago...bad paint.

Anonymous said...

I've never been particularly fond of that route anyhow 'cept when you get to wave to Derek. Too short! I'll go a few blocks north to Davenport anyday... best lane in the city IMO

brandon said...

rob ford erased them. yup, with a huge pencil eraser. in a telephone call with him on Monday, he said he's not a fan of bike lanes because they don't make the roads safer for cyclist. he's all for the elevated bike-only lane they have in europe... its a safe political move to recommend something for TO cyclists that will never fly.

a self proclaimed cylist..."yeah, i'm a cyclist... when its nice out i pack up the family put the bikes on caravan rack and we drive to the park"

zydeco fish said...

I use Harbord daily and also noticed this. The signs are still there, so I assumed that the paint just faded.

Darren said...

Quite telling. Maybe the hope is that we disappear too.

Councillor Mcconnell is usually pretty good about getting the lanes repainted in her ward. Might be worth a call to the local councillor to see if the give a flying fuck.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone vexed to officials yet? It's in Pantalonia. The salt and car travel tends to wear off paint everywhere, and at least it's not a mistake set in concrete like on a bit of St. George St.

Anonymous said...

Funny. On the south side of the Queens Quay in front of the Harbour Castle, the stencils are gone but the lanes remain. Further east the stencils can be unearthed if one looks hard enough. What's more important anyway? A cab stand for hotel users so the hotel can redeploy the old cabstand space for privileged parking or a designated cycle route to confuse the tourists. Warning: this is a trick question and will rise to the fore when the Harbour Castle goes to great lengths to force cyclists and pedestrians to yield right of way to hotel guests using the driveway when the future path is completed.

Anonymous said...

I just vexed Pants now. Let's hope for at least one flying fuck...but no triple-twist dismounts.
Election-time road stripes for sure.

Anonymous said...

*here's the reply I got from the EA*
fyi>>> Henry Chu 3/23/2007 10:50 AM >>>
Dear Deputy Mayor Pantalone,
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Today's field inspection has confirmed that the markings have extremely worn over the Winter.

We will be restoring the markings tonight, due to tomorrow's rain

Very Best Regards,
Henry Chu
Supervisor, Operational Planning
Signs & Markings
Transportation Services

Tel: 416-338-4802
Fax: 416-338-4800
Transportation Services Sign Shop
40 Toryork Drive
Toronto, Ontario M9L 1X6
hchu@toronto.ca >>> Allen Pinkerton 3/23/2007 10:21 AM >>>


Further to my conversation with Henry, would you please provide a
response to Councillor Pantalone.

Allen>>> Stephen (Transportation) Brown 3/23/2007 8:58 AM >>>
Allen could you please review this matter and take appropriate action to resolve.
Thanking you in advance.>>> Jason Laszlo 3/23/2007 8:55 AM >>>

Hi Stephen,
Further to the email below, I also noticed that all the road markings on Harbord from Ossington Ave. east to the bridge at Bickford Park (approx. Grace St.) have vanished. I'd appreciate you please letting us
know when staff can address this important matter.

Thanks as always,
Jason D. Laszlo
Executive Assistant

Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone
City of Toronto

416.392.4010 (phone)
416.392.4100 (fax)

City Hall, 2nd Floor, C-47
100 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
M5H 2N2

Tino said...

AHHH, the power of the press ...

Anonymous said...

I just rode on Strachan yesterday... the newest bike lane in the city has almost completely faded too. Not that you really need a bike lane there... makes no difference the way lanes and traffic work out.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday morning: the bike lane marks have white dot markings in preparation for respraying.