Wednesday, June 02, 2010

eYe Magazine Gets It Wrong Twice

Too bad so many writers secretly hate bikes & cyclists ... or so it seems.
In any case, the preachy tone in both articles is deeply offensive. And here is a newsflash: cyclists are not roadkill. We are your brothers, sisters, friends and family, your neighbour and that stranger you'll never meet.
On the Bryant case

On Bike Helmets and Sharrows (sigh)

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justaperson said...

I really like the article. What's so bad about it? Cyclists are using vehicles and while all the rules of the road don't necessarily translate they do more than not. I think the author of the article is a little too eager to please, but I also think the desire isn't just a compulsion. I sense a concern that cyclists are having policy done to them, not by them (They are a minority and not a particularly rich one.). Thus, a change in the political winds could signal displeasing (to cyclists) policy changes.

This is why I would like to see cyclists form a greater rapport with motorists. They have more in common than either realize. The only thing that needs changing in the automobile is the current internal combustion engine. The only thing that needs to change between cars and cyclists is the development of mutual respect and awareness. All else is snobbishness and of minimal value, if any at all. I like "sharrows." I'm a bike commuter and I see this as practical, not about theory.