Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Cyclists fail to signal

BLDNews - Our intrepid news intern was sent out to do a roadside survey of drivers and their thoughts on cyclists. The number three complaint drivers had were cyclists not signaling their turns. The survey found that 83% of drivers agreed that cyclists never or rarely signal their turns and that they should be fined. 55% of drivers said that when cyclists do signal right turns the cyclists improperly use a middle finger. 67% of drivers surveyed could not tell the difference between their car's turn signal lever and radio power switch.

This survey of 1003 drivers has a margin of error of 4%, 7 times out of 20. The accuracy is poor because our intern did the survey at a RIDE roadside sobriety check. Several drivers, even those with their hands on the steering wheel, denied being in control of their vehicles.

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