Friday, July 22, 2011

A Quote From Chairman Ford

On CP24 News On The Jarvis Bike Lanes:                                                       "We actually added more bike lanes. And that's what got missed in the whole story. Well. they are talking about Jarvis. Jarvis was never recommended. City Staff never recommended Jarvis. They just put Jarvis it in. Well, the people that use Jarvis, day in and day out, said 'Rob, the traffic is 10 times worse. Get these bike lanes out.' But we are adding on bike lanes. And this is what people seem to miss, or what some media outlets seem to miss. You know, Rob Ford is taking out Jarvis and not adding on more. That's just not true."                                                                                                     Translation: Cyclists Don't Count On Jarvis.                      An Interview Fact Check

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