Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Quote

"Yes I too agree that motorists need to be treated fairly.
For each and every ‘cyclist dismount’ sign, there should be a ‘motorist get out and push’ sign.
Roads should terminate for no particular reason, just as cycle paths do and it should be illegal to record these features on maps and GPS systems etc.
Roads should be limited to no more than 100 metres in length.
Roads should be blocked by unlit bollards, lamp posts, rubbish bins telephone boxes, railings, trees, fences, holes, gratings, bus shelters etc. placed randomly in the carriageway around blind bends.
Roads should never be swept or maintained.
Traffic lanes should be limited to no more than 2/3 of a car’s width.
Cars should be forced into conflict with heavy goods vehicles.
Bridges should only be accessible by stairs.
Car parking facilities should only be accessible by stairs, (for the cars) and never be placed within 5 miles of the intended destination.
It should be illegal for anyone involved in road design to know anything about road design, they must have a sadistic sense of humour."

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