Saturday, January 28, 2006

A List for Change

-Mandatory side guards of trucks
-Ban automobile advertising which promotes speed or agressive driving
-Limit the power and speed of licenceable automobiles
-Design requirements for reducing harm to people outside of the
vehicle in a collision, removing the most
dangerous vehicles from the road (ie SUVs)
-Extensive driver training requirements, with ongoing training and
testing. Significant training on driving in the presence of cyclists
and pedestrians, and education on the consequences of hitting
vulnurable road users
-At least 50% fault automatically assigned to any driving hitting a
pedestrian or cyclist, 100% if they hit a minor or senior (as in
Germany). Even with no-fault insurance, there is an important effect
of assigning responsibility.
-Changes to road design, particularly in residential areas, which
-Limit vehicle speed
-Increase use of long-term and lifetime driving suspensions
-Increase the minimum driving age
-Public campaigns advertising the dangers of speed and careless
driving, akin to the relatively successful anti drinking and driving
-A shift in media and public perception away from blaming the victims
of road crashes when those victims are pedestrians or cyclists
-A shift in media and public perception towards seeing reckless and
dangerous driving as *deliberate* criminal acts, like drinking and
driving or assault.
Feel free to add other ideas. (thanks to Levi Waldron for the list)


Steeker said...

WOW so that is the picture you were talking about during the CM ride :( poor guy I hope he made it , I really think that if a car driver hit's a cycelist and the driver is at fault they should banned from driving. a life term !!

Joe said...

Crazy pic and great list!

Darren J said...

This is an important list. Those education and advertizing campaigns would be very welcome (along with the other items).

How about:
- banning cell phone use while driving on a residential or city street.
- more traffic signal style ped-crossings for major streets

Steeker said...

The Transportation branch of the Government stated on the news awhile back that cell phone use was not as dangerous as the public was saying but it has been proven in studies that cell phone use while driving is extremly dangerouse and you only have to stand on a street and watch how bad it is , They shoud be BANNED and drivers that are in a crash while on the cell phone should be jailed :)

Anonymous said...

Great cellphone addition Darren. The woman in the BMW who crushed a rental car we were in a few years ago was on a cellphone and drove through a red light. Regarding intersection design, especially in residential areas, an awesome link is, where groups of residents effectively calm traffic in their neighbourhood with a bit of paint and interesting features on the corners of intersections. It started in Portland, and is in a few cities now, even one or two cases in Vancouver and Ottawa, I've heard. :)