Thursday, March 30, 2006

Style Council

Retro Rules!
Just watch.


Phillip Barron said...

on the close-ups, i don't believe their really riding. neither pedals consistently and yet their bikes never move relative to one another.

nice find :-)

Anonymous said...

I so totally want a wool jersey. Where can I get one without logos/ads in Toronto?

Tino said...


No problem. Go to Flash Back on
Kensington Avenue in the market.
They have lots of them.

Anonymous said...

I'll make a special trip, thanks!

gwadzilla said...

I had that same jersey in high school twenty years ago
well, raliegh with the same colors

I did like bikes
but it was more an issue of it being a bit cool
maybe even mod

the wool jerseys are back in my waredrobe
I am a bit of a cyclist
but I think I like the jerseys because of the mod fashion