Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mandatory helmet legislation to be tabled today

Helmets proposed for adult bike riders
Via Waterloo Record

"Adults across Ontario will be forced to wear helmets while cycling if Kitchener Liberal MPP John Milloy has his way. Milloy plans to introduce a motion today in the provincial legislature that would make helmets mandatory for everyone biking on Ontario roads.

"Accidents don't discriminate on the basis of age, so why should our laws discriminate?" Milloy asked at a news conference yesterday in Kitchener. In 1995, Ontario passed a law requiring everyone under 18 to wear a helmet while cycling on roads or sidewalks.

Milloy's motion asks the Liberal government to repeal the legislation that makes those 18 and over exempt from the helmet law. It also asks the government to consider making helmets mandatory for people on inline skates, skateboards and scooters.

Finally, it asks the ministries of health promotion and transportation to ensure sufficient safety education for those using the recreational devices."

Now, before you get all excited about how great and necessary helmets are please listen to this !

Me, I just wanna ride my bike ...whee!! The Photo above is from Europe where everyone wears a helmet.


GMD said...

I'd be more willing to accept a mandatory helmet law if it also applied to motorists. Otherwise it's just based on rubbish perceptions about risk.

Evan said...

I usually wear a helmet but there's no way I would support a mandatory helmet law. There's something incredible about feeling the wind in your hair as you ride down the block. What's next helmet's and knee pads required for joggers?

Anonymous said...

motion does not = legislation.

this won't mean anything. there was a law being considered, but it seems to have died after second reading.

Tino said...

True ... let's hope the motion doesn't passs second reading again.

Anonymous said...

Jeez are rules like these dumb. I always wear my helmet without exception, but if you make it law people will stop riding, they will perceive cycling as more dangerous, and then there will be less bikes on the road meaning we are even more at the mercy of cars who think we are safe just because we are wearing a styrofoam hat.

If all this helmet press was given to safe driving around cyclists instead, we would all benefit.

We seriously need to stop putting up barriers to cycling.

Anonymous said...

Milloy failed in 2004 to get a bill passed in the Legislature. This time he altered his approach and introduced a motion calling on his own government to rescind the adult exemption from Ontario's helmet law.
The transcript of the Legislative discussion is at

I've been told by an opposition MPP that the motion now "disappears into the ether" and Mr. Milloy's second 15 seconds of fame goes with it.

Despite this it is worthwhile to let the Government know how you feel about the Nanny state managing the smallest detail of your life. The Premier's e-mail address is
Other MPP's addresses are at

I have led campaigns against bicycle helmet laws since 1992. Visit for more news etc.

gwadzilla said...

china too!

and well

they do not oil their chains either

I wear a helmet all the time

as much as I feel that seatbelts and helmets are common sense and do not detract from the experience

I am not into totalitarianism

that said
it is against the law to drive while talking on a cell phone
and everyone in dc does it
they have nothing to say
yet they keep talking

sort of like my blog

but I am not going to run anyone down while i blog