Sunday, July 01, 2007

Toronto CM June 2007

Benny Zenga - CM June 2007,
Over 300 riders. Rock on! Benny Zenga, the Winking Circle & the Tall Bike Stole the show.

37 More Photos here!

Need more photos try Vic's excellent pics from the same CM.


Steeker said...

That was another great CM ride ! how'd your GO Train bike trip work out ??????

Tino said...

The Whitby-Newcastle-Whitby was mucho fun.
Lovely weather and many good times. Took a film camera so no photos yet.


Darren said...

What is film???

Tino said...

35mm = 10 megapixels
120 film = 84 megapixels

5x4 = priceless.

you know the stuff that will still be around long after you're dead.

Anonymous said...

mounting and dismounting must be funh

Tino said...


Takes two spotters.