Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow and radio in the bike lane.

A little bird tells us that Martino will be talking bike lanes and snow on the radio Thursday morning. CBC Radio 99.1 sometime after 6am.


Anonymous said...

Its time to petition for Andy Barrie's removal. Fomenting hatred and violence against cyclists and pedestrians? Blaming pedestrians for being killed by motorists? Belittling winter commuting by bicycle as an "extreme sport"? Wtf? No one has anywhere to go but motorholics? No one else is entitled to road space? Has this asshat even seen the MTO HTA?

Fire his ass!

Anonymous said...

By the way. Good work Tino. The deck was stacked against you. Barrie came into this with his prejudice that roads are for cars and everything else is a hood ornament. You didn't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

before Barrie and other autoholics whine braking for pedestrians and cyclists drives up their own carbon footprint it MUST be remembered driving less ecologically sensitive beings into a more carbon intensive lifestyle drives up the overall carbon footprint of society.

Or is that exactly what Andy Barrie is aiming to do? Andy is shilling for the motorvehicle industry?

Tino said...

Hey Geoffrey,

I think you getting too hot under the collar for nothing here.
I didn't take it that way.

Besides he went after Heaps which is good.

No worries.

Tino said...

You can listen to the interview on

Anonymous said...

I'm getting too hot under the collar? That's like say I'm bleeding too loud. Hello. I'm still trying to get my life and my body back together after being made a hood ornament of July 27.

No problems. YOU took the pictures. No problems. Its work just getting my dominant hand to work and its more work maintaining it. Trying to get paying work around the maintenance work and STILL being denied bicycling is cruel.

No problems.

Anti Bikey can cry all he wants about cyclists and pedestrians with a STAKE through his cold heart.