Friday, February 08, 2008

Snow in the Bike Lane

On Feb. 1, snow began to fall in earnest in Toronto.
After recent promises made by AA Heaps to treat bike lanes as thoroughfares I set out to document the state of several bike lanes in Toronto daily.

You can see photos on my Flickr page here.
This corner, College and Spadina has not been properly cleared
ever since. And then there is the perpetual parking in the bike
lane issue.

Heaps promised again to get the job done on CBC radio on Feb 7th

Will keep taking photos especially at College and Spadina until
the job gets done ... tino


Geoffrey said...

I think Andy was harsh on you Tino... when they ask you who rides in toronto, always reply...

the social economic value of traveling by bike reaches the people that can't afford to ride anything else then a bicycle.

Good show anyway, ANdy was mean to you becuase you were late. Ke3ep it up.

Anonymous said...

I hope the topic is reviewed again soon, Barrie is a good interviewer. If the situation remains the same, he should ask why.
Too bad it wasn't TV, the pics are worth a thousand words. Please keep up the documentation of our disgraceful sitution.

Tino said...

Thank you both for your support. I think we can do better ...