Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2008 Predictions reviewed.

In 2007 my predictions were 35% accurate. Lets look at how my predictions for 2008 faired.

--one point for each correct prediction-

1. There will be less than 15kms of bike lanes installed.
No point, though only half of the 50kms promised were installed.
2. The Mayor will praise cycling during "Bike Month" but will ignore it for the rest of the year.
Full point.
3. There will be an aberration in the average of number cyclists killed in Toronto. The crystal ball is not clear but let us hope that it means zero.
Half point.
4. The new Bicycle Union will have a rough start but an event/incident will thrust it into the forefront sometime before the end of September. At which time it will prove it is a force to be reckoned with.
Full point. Though many opportunities presented themselves, they fizzled.
5. David Miller will cease being Mayor of Toronto.
No point.
6. Toronto, along with several other North American cities, will face a transportation crisis. There will not be enough mass transit available in face of a gas shortage.
Full point.
7. An American will win the Tour de France. No one will really care much for the winner or the Tour.
Half point, no one really cared for the Tour in 2008.
8. A significant increase in the number of cyclists will be seen on Toronto roads. It will be hard to measure this one but a good indicator will be cyclists complaining about traffic jams. Not of cars but cyclists.
No point.
9. Toronto will face some of its worst ever smog days although the total number of smog days will be fewer.
Close but no cigar.
10. The crystal ball still sees the demise of the Gardiner, especially the elevated section. The view is much clearer than last year.
I should get a partial point for this. A DVP on-ramp did burn.

My accuracy improved slightly, increasing to 40%.


Tino said...

I predict that you will have no collisions in 2009

Chad Nuttall said...

I just happened upon this little gadget that projects a bike lane on the road as your ride - didn't have any luck finding anyone actually selling it.

Kinda cool.