Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Mayor Afraid To REALLY Stand Up For Toronto Cyclists (Updated)

Profile: David Miller
Became mayor in Nov. 2003. He will pass on the torch of shame to the next mayor in late 2010. He inherited a 10-year Bike Plan (2001) which called for 495 km of bike lanes. Thus far 112km have been built ... never mind everything else 'the plan' called for. Here is a fine article in the paper today saying the same thing.

Quote:"I've always been a strong believer that bicycling is an essential part of Toronto's transportation strategy. 
That’s why we have developed the Toronto Bike Plan which is a comprehensive cycling promotion strategy encompassing: bicycle friendly streets, a bikeway network, safety and education, bike parking, and promotion of combining cycling and transit." (2007)

He is in Copenhagen today bragging about how much he has done to combat climate change. I rode my bike to work today choking on car exhaust and trying hard not get doored. Got the Message.

In the meantime, I have some advice for Mayor Miller: Come out for just one critical mass, one memorial ride for a fallen cyclist or even show some real appreciation for bike culture.  One bike photo-op per year during Bike Month ain't enough.

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