Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Anti-Cyclist Wants To Be Mayor In Toronto

In a speech today Toronto Mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi "promising to ban future bike lanes from arterial roads and reviewing all existing bike lanes on the major roads." Globe
"Jarvis has to be stopped."
Well, we won't be voting for that dinosaur!

More in the Star today ... translation: If you ride a bike stay off the main roads.
Those are for cars. Nice! Discriminate much, Mr. Rossi?

"Rossi was absolutely right when he said that “cars are simply a necessity for many people," and planners need to recognize that. However, his contention that this city suffers from too much traffic congestion due to a “war on the car” is backwards: the fact that we have so many cars on the road causing congestion is a direct result of urban design that has disproportionately favoured cars over other methods of transportation. The idea that we can somehow accommodate more cars on downtown roads while improving traffic conditions is fantasy. The best way to improve driving conditions is to offer better alternatives to driving."


Unknown said...

I just read that on CBC and couldn't believe it. He wants to put all bike lanes on secondary roads.

Aren't the majority of cyclists still going to ride on the main roads where stores and businesses are?

I feel bad for Torontonians...As bad as Miller was, what is coming next will be much worse.

hamish wilson said...

I'd trade Jarvis for Bloor, and yes, I know Jarvis needs an improvement for bike safety, Sherbourne is right beside it.
I'd also trade some other bike lanes things for other parts of Bloor.